Mild hyperbaric chambers are considered a Class II medical device by the FDA.  All sales and rentals require a prescription or referral from a qualified practitioner regardless of intended use.

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Newtowne Hyperbarics offers the most extensive selection of mild hyperbaric chambers (also called portable hyperbaric chambers) - from the lowest priced to the largest horizontal chamber available. Whether you are looking to rent a hyperbaric chamber or buy a hyperbaric chamber for your home or office, Newtowne has several options to meet your needs. All of our chambers operate at 4 psi. / 1.3 ATA.

The Class 4 Series -- Position our opening on the top or side!

Our durable single bag chamber is designed for mild hyperbaric treatment at home as well as in professional settings. Three diameters available: 24", 31", & 38".


Prices start at just $4995

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The Class 7 Chamber -- the next evolution in higher pressure portable chambers!

             Position our opening on the top or side!


Like our Flexi-Lite® , the CLASS 7 portable hyperbaric chamber has been designed and tested for higher pressures. Available for 4 psi. service in the USA. (CE Mark pending)



Clinical use frame available

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